Goals: Looks vs Abilities

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As we stand naked and glance in the mirror, squeezing our bellies, twisting side to side saying “if only I could lose these last pounds.”  Shaking our heads in disgust, we walk over and step onto the scale just to make sure that the earth is still spinning, gravity is working and I’m still fat and unhappy.  This becomes a vicious and depressing cycle that many of us struggle with everyday. It’s the aesthetic look that we are all after. The look we see surrounding us everyday, on TV, social media, magazines, whatever form it may be. Most of us workout for the look, diet for the look. I’m here to say %$#^ the look.

We need to transition from the look to our health, from the look to what we can do with our abilities everyday. Be excited about that. Be excited about what you can achieve and what you can do as a human being. That’s what gets me. I did my first flip this week. I mean it was on a trampoline, but I did it and I’m proud of that. I’m 33 years old and I am still having first’s all the time. Trying new things and pushing my body to see what I can achieve. I rarely look at my weight, but I do judge the crap out of myself in the mirror. And I feel self-conscious with my shirt off at times. This is from years of being judged and being called fat. It’s engraved in my brain to feel self-conscious. I work everyday to be proud of what I can do as a human. Growing everyday, continuing to add different goals. I  want to walk on my hands, I want to hold a handstand without crashing down, I want to hike and travel, I want to be healthy and live vibrantly for as long as I can. I don’t just want to live life and survive. I want to thrive as a human, I want to be the best person I can be.

We all need to surround ourselves with happy, healthy, like-minded people. Get out into the world- be active, hike, climb, swim, run. Use our bodies for what they were made for. Change your mindset. Change your goals. Eat for nourishment, and live actively.

That’s the special sauce if you’re looking for it.

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