Transformation: My Story

20264861_1929746610631169_6503969510266262291_nWhy don’t you drink? Why won’t you eat that? Why do you need to workout so much?

Am I sick of hearing these questions? Absolutely not!

I will never forget the reasons I changed! So here’s a little bit of a list:

  1. I was scared to die! I have two little girls and had a huge fear that I wouldn’t be able to walk them down the aisle at their wedding. I was in the doctor every other week with a new cancer or life threating illness. I had IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome), acid reflux, chest pains, stomach pains all the time, and I couldn’t breathe, like ever. Puffed my inhaler like 5 times a day, snored like a bulldog. Yet every single time I went to the doctor he gave me the same answer. “You need to exercise and lose some weight, you’ll feel better”. 
  2. My relationship was in a huge rut. Why? Because I weighed 270lbs, drank a bottle of wine every night and would get mad that my wife wouldn’t sleep with me. Now to her defense, who in their right mind would want a 270lb drunk man lying on top of them. I know I wouldn’t. But I didn’t think like that- I was mad at her, it was her fault! So I would be mean and drunkenly verbally abuse her. Almost leading us to a divorce.
  3. A picture of me is what put me over the top. Now I don’t have this picture, but it is engraved in my mind. Imagine this, guys trip, all hanging out on the beach. All tan, glistening in sweat, smiling and having a good time. In this group shot, I was in a white t-shirt and blue yankee hat so embarrassed that I couldn’t take my shirt off at the beach.

Is this enough? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. At this point in my life (3 years post change) I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. My relationship is in the best place it’s ever been, I’m stronger than I ever have been. Physically and mentally. Many people fear the idea of change, or what it will do to them, how it will affect their everyday life, their friendships, or carrier. I can tell you over the past three year my values have changed, my friends have changed and my career has changed. This all happened through a transition by choice following my heart and what I wanted to do. What I needed to do.  In the past I’ve always done with what I thought I should do. You know do the right thing.

The change started with baby steps, giving up fast food, soda and alcohol. You may be like wow those are huge steps considering I was addicted to all three. But in the scheme of things they were baby steps. I also went back to eating Paleo ( the caveman diet) because that’s what I knew worked. I did it before to lose weight and be super successful. Was I super strict? No, not really. But anything was better than what I was doing. When we went out with friends I bought non-alcoholic beer or wine, which is absolutely disgusting. I just tried to have fun and enjoy the company without needing to drink. Which actually wasn’t that hard for me. I had made the decision to stop, for my wife and my family, I needed them, I would do anything to keep them. So the decision to stop drinking was super simple for me. Started going to the gym. LA fitness was great for me. They had day care, basketball, and a huge weight room where I could pump some iron. I was losing some weight, feeling better, happier, healthier and everything was going great. Thats all it takes right? A little clean eating and exercise. Yes I believe so.

My change needed more. People started asking me questions, I started giving answers. I loved this, I loved helping people that were going through the same process I was. So I decided to get some further education on how I could best help people. I enrolled into school at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. To me this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sorry Hunny. I have so many reasons why. It thought me to be selfish, to love myself, nourish myself, to take better care of myself, that the better I will feel the happier I will be. It taught me so much about nutrition, stress, life, sleep, finances, how every single thing in life can potentially affect us. Without this school I wouldn’t be where I am today. From this point I completely began to understand ME more. How I work, what makes me tick, why I stress and freak out, understanding my anxieties. Understanding that change is the only constant in life. That I need to try every single day to better myself. That every single day I need to show love and receive love. That we all need to nourish ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually every single day.

So today is the day for you to start your change!!! There is no tomorrow, there is no after this steak and cheese, there is only the next meal you’re going to eat, the next person you’re going to hug and the next time you look in the mirror you need to tell yourself how much  you love you, and that you will do whatever it take to nourish yourself mind, body , spirit.

Follow your heart and chase your dreams, continuing to grow a little bit everyday.

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