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If you’re committed to being the “best version of you,” we will help you get there. At Old Greenwich Fitness Club, we believe in thriving as a community. Our Community supports one another and inspires each other to reach every single one of their goals. We strive for a product that promotes a happy and healthy Lifestyle. Transformation begins within oneself but flourishes in the environment it is surrounded by. All fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged to explore the lengths of their maximum potential in a fun, positive, growing community.

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Just about two and half years ago, I walked into OGFC feeling a bit lost in my workouts and stressed out in life.  I had tried everything from yoga to lifting one weight while standing on a bosu ball but nothing was working.  Like most people, I workout to be a better father, be a better athlete, and generally look and feel better.   Ironically, although I was doing all of these different workouts, I never felt explosive, always had a nagging injury and was generally tired.
The work I have done at OGFC over the past year has been transformational.  Thanks to Tim’s coaching and focus on nutrition, I’m down about 12 pounds, moving much more explosively and efficiently and really have no aches or pains.  Over the past 6 months, I’ve learned to scale rings, do more consecutive pull-ups than I thought imaginable and even walk on my hands.  More stunning is my improvement on the golf course.  I’ve improved my driver distance by about 15% (not easy to do), upped my swing speed from 98 to 108, and added about a club to my distances.  I can carry 3 to 4 kids at once when necessary and even have them into Crossfit. On Saturdays, our morning routine is cartoons, breakfast and the whole squad headed to OGFC for class and then the kids class.
I travel quite often and often seek out a CrossFit style gym on the road.  It’s always nice to have a class feeling vs. the same hotel gyms over and over again.  However, I’m most happy when I come back to CT and can bring all of my kids over to OGFC because it has become like family.
I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about coming in for a trial, looking to improve their golf game (see most recent issue of Golf Magazine with Dustin and Brooks), or just be a better parent to their kids.


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