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James Moran

Driven by a passion and desire to help others, James began his coaching career in 2010. Having always played competitive sports he was drawn to the CrossFit mentality immediately but has come to find that CrossFit, and fitness in general, is not always about beating those around you but rather breaking your own personal limits. As a coach, James strives to continually help people take that extra step in both their fitness and life goals while having a good time doing it.

Tim McGrath

My love of fitness began as a college athlete, but my love of health did not start until I found myself married with children and 100 lbs over weight. I had hit rock bottom and had decided to make a change. Through this change I’ve found a passion in helping others transform their lives just like I did; the healthy way! Learning how to nourish their bodies properly and enjoy daily exercise. I am all about transforming a lifestyle, a personal revolution. We consistently battle ourselves everyday and I can help teach you how to win the fight.

Joe Pollio

As a multi-sport athlete in high school I have always been into fitness and competition. When I got to college I wasn’t playing a sport so I began working out, and over time got into bodybuilding. After graduating I began doing triathlons and was still doing a lot of weight training with some days exceeding five hours. I knew there had to be something more efficient than training for countless hours a day and that is when I was introduced to CrossFit. The philosophy of CrossFit was exactly what I was looking for, to become fit in multiple aspects through constantly varied movements at high intensity. I was hooked after one workout. I altered my training program and after two years of continued improvements at Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning, I decided to go for my Level 1. Becoming part of a CrossFit gym meant a sense of community and bonding with people over becoming stronger. I eventually decided to become a coach to help spread that positive reinforcement, help others to alter their lifestyles, learn to believe in themselves, and to become fit.

Christina Linegar

Christina Linegar is a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association and holds a specialty certification in Functional Movement Screening Level One. Christina graduated from the University of Connecticut and is pursuing her CrossFit Level 1 certification as well as becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Christina trains in CrossFit, powerlifting, and is a nationally qualified NPC women’s physique competitor. Her training philosophy utilizes constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements to build strength and endurance simultaneously. Through these methods, Christina teaches her clients a set of skills that can be adapted to excel in any life and performance situation. Christina tailors her training philosophy to individuals of all fitness levels and through her energy and passion, she inspires and motivates the best out of her clients.

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